Julia Herman, LMSW

Psychotherapy for Tweens, Teens, and Young Women

Therapy With Jules, Julia Herman LMSW, Austin TX

Hi! I'm Jules.  I hope that by spending some time here, you will learn about me, what you can expect from therapy with me, and whether we might be a good fit working together. 

My mission is to empower tweens, teens & young women to be brave and authentic, to accept imperfection, be kind to themselves and others, and discover that it’s never too late to choose a life full of joy and possibility. I also support parents through this journey.

As you begin this journey, it might be helpful to think of a few questions to ask yourself. Why are you seeking a therapist? How do you want your life to be different? What might change, and what might stay the same?  Coming to therapy can make things clearer and it can help you begin to know yourself better.

It's also the first step in feeling more alive. 

I work with

  • tween & teen girls who feel sad, lonely, & who have been told they have "too many emotions"
  • young women who are dealing with issues of self-worth and shame, and may be struggling with self-injury and impulsive behaviors
  • parents and families searching for stronger relationships 

I help people navigate

  • adolescence, young adulthood, and life transition issues
  • depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • risk-taking behaviors and impulsivity
  • decisions about living a full and vibrant life
  • self-compassion, shame resilience and body positivity
  • disordered eating issues and negative self-image
  • relationship questions
  • difficult family dynamics